What can I do with the Technology Preview 4 of WebCenter?

Just got back from my long vacation from Europe. I had several emails in my inbox asking: What are the types of things I can and cannot do with the Tech Preview of WebCenter? Here are a couple of simple things you can try out and provide us feedback on:

  • Portlet creation: build and deploy JSR 168 portlets
  • Portlet consumption: Consume WSRP 1.0 and WSRP 2.0 portlets
  • JSF Portlet bridge: JSR 301: Portlet Bridge Specification for JavaServer Faces reference implementation: expose JSF applications through WSRP
  • Content integration: test the new and improved JCR level 1 and level 2 support using the file system adapter
  • Runtime customization: build applications featuring Composer, which allows privileged business users to add new resources to the pages and re-arrange to contents of the page
  • Web 2.0 services: tagging and linking

If it sounds promising, give it a try!

Also wanted to make a note of things you cannot test without back-end services, which have not been released as part of the preview: threaded discussions, wiki, blog, presence, instant messaging, WebCenter Spaces.


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