JDeveloper Available for Download

As announced on Shay’s blog, the “brand new” version of JDeveloper 10g is available for download. It comes with a couple of dozen bug fixes on the JSF view and ADF BC front. From the WebCenter side fixes range from content management (Universal Content Management – fka: Stellent), to WSRP interoperability (for consuming portlets produced by Web Logic Portal) and several upgrade related bugs.

As always, the Studio Edition comes with the WebCenter extension installed.


3 Responses

  1. is it possible to develop struts 2.0 using this new version of jDeveloper?

  2. I contacted Shay Shmeltzer, one of our product managers looking after JDeveloper, and here is his response:

    The short answer is no we don’t support Struts 2.0.

    The long answer is actually more interesting – Struts 2.0, although using the name Struts, is actually a completely new controller framework based on webworks. Even their page says it: “Apache Struts 2 was originally known as WebWork 2.” It is not Struts with a couple of new features.

    Which means that migration of both application and skills from Struts to Struts 2.0 is not trivial.

    We decided that it would be better for us and our customers to focus on supporting the controller layer that is part of the Java EE standard – JSF instead.

    So going forward we are also recommending our customers to adopt the standard JSF instead of the little use Struts 2.0.

  3. Thanks Peter for your reply, it was a great help 😀

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