What Container Does WebCenter Run on: WebLogic or OC4J?

I’ve been getting this question more and more often lately: which application server does WebCenter run on? WebLogic Server, acquired from BEA, or Oracle’s own OC4J?

The answer is very short and simple: WebCenter 10g runs on OC4J, WebCenter 11g runs (read: will run) on WebLogic Server.

The explanation is easy and straight forward too: in the 10g times the only Java EE container Oracle had, was OC4J. No problem there. When the 11g version ships, the entire Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, including WebCenter will run on WebLogic Server.

Do I have to worry about migration, then?
No. You, as an application developer, see very little from the underlying container changes. In a nutshell, this is how you migrate an application built using JDeveloper 10.x: Open your workspace or project in JDeveloper 11g, and the automatically invoked migration tools will migrate your application, so it can run on the 11g WebLogic Server.

If there’s interest, as we get closer to the 11g release, I’ll be happy to post about the migration process as well. Just let me know… 😉


4 Responses

  1. When is the 11g release?…. 🙂 just so you know hmm I can plan to read your post on the migration….

    • Saleem,

      11g is scheduled to be released this summer. As we get closer to the date we might get more specific than this.
      I’d be interested to hear about your application what you’re planning to migrate.

  2. My portlet application using JSR-168, WSRP1.0 and Omni Portlets. My application is also clustered enabled. What possible changes i have to do in order to migrate it to Oracle Weblogic Server 11G?

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