Oracle Speakers at AjaxWorld

In an earlier post I mentioned Pieter Humphrey’s session at this year’s AjaxWorld. There are a couple more from Oracle. Here they go:

Peter Laird: Best Practices for Building Framework Products that include AJAX Features

This session will cover issues and approaches to building application framework products that expose AJAX capabilities to other developers. We will use real world examples from the Oracle product catalog to demonstrate a number of concepts. Examples of the topics to be covered are:

  • Considerations when embedding 3rd party AJAX frameworks
  • The importance of exposing RESTful data APIs on the server
  • The value of providing a client-side JavaScript API
  • Use cases for abstracting the XmlHttpRequest
  • Problems that can arise during page composition
  • …and many more.

Shay Shmeltzer: Implementing AJAX, Flash and Web 2.0 with JavaServer Face

How do you bring the power of AJAX- and Flash-based user interfaces to the world of enterprise developers? Oracle has over 5000 developers working on creating enterprise applications as well as products with Web UI – teaching each one of them the in and outs of AJAX wasn’t a possibility. Instead Oracle adopted JSF and the component based approach to simplify user interface creation .

In this session we will review the various type of components offered by Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client Components and demonstrate how we simplifies advance layouts, client side validation, client to server communication and other aspects for the enterprise developer. Learn how these components can help you be more productive.

Andy Schwartz: JSF and AJAX Past, Present and Future

With JavaServer Faces 2.0 just around the corner, it is time to look back at how the world of JSF and AJAX has grown over recent years. The JSF/AJAX space has been the center of much activity, both within and outside of the JSF specification. This joint presentation will explore the techniques that have evolved for integrating AJAX and JSF, focusing on how various frameworks have approached common problems. We will also look ahead and examine the new AJAX features that will be arriving with JSF 2.0.

Juan Camilo Ruiz: Web 2.0 Data Visualization with JSF

Adding components such as Graphs, Maps, Gauges, Gantts, Hierarchy browsers can help end users understand their data more clearly. In this session we’ll show you a declarative way to add such components to your user interface. Using Oracle ADF Faces Data Visualization components along with JSF we’ll walk you step by step in building advance data visualization that can render in multiple formats.


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