Wiki, Blog, and Discussion Sample Portlets for WebCenter Interaction (ALUI, Plumtree)

Earlier this month we released the version of the wiki, blog, and discussion forum services, posted here. We just published a new set of sample portlets built and tested against WebCenter Interaction: wiki and blog portlets | discussion portlet.

You can find more information about this release and the samples on OTN.

3 Responses

  1. Hi Peter,

    Can you provide me a list of all the “Products” which are licensed if i purchase “webcenter suite” license ?

    I am not able to get this crucial information and i keep discovering a new product within the suite almost every week. Maybe you can write a blog entry on this one, which i am sure will be helpful for every body


  2. Peter,
    I am trying to get the blog/wiki, discussion portlets working under wci 10gr3. I have everything deployed including the jsr168 portlet container. I am getting a bunch of exceptions thrown. If you can contact me I would like to discuss with you the possibiliy of gaining your insight into the development of two other portlets for a client of mine. Please drop me an email to discuss//

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