WebCenter 11g Available for Download

As part of the Fusion Middleware 11g Launch, the new WebCenter 11g is now available for download. For detailed information check out WebCenter on the Oracle Technology Network at http://webcenter.oracle.com. Highlights from the official press release:

  • Oracle WebCenter Spaces is a personal and team work-environment for business users to create formal and ad hoc Web-based communities. WebCenter Spaces is pre-integrated with Microsoft Office, and built to scale out from departments to the enterprise.
  • Oracle WebCenter Services provide the following new social computing services:
    • tagging
    • linking
    • discussions
    • presence and instant messaging
    • recent activity
    • RSS
    • ratings
  • Oracle Business Dictionary is a role-specific library of enterprise applications, business intelligence, business processes, enterprise content and information that IT and business users can easily combine, edit, share and customize to create executive dashboards that enable them to drive innovation.
  • Oracle Composer is an extensible and easy-to-use browser-based tool to enable end-users to customize portals and composite applications with social computing services.
  • Task Flows offer more than 50 pre-built components that can be individually exposed as portlets or customized to deliver a full range of user experiences enabling developers to quickly reuse and combine individual portlets into complex yet flexible portals and applications.
  • Oracle WebCenter Suite is also integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager providing comprehensive functionality to deploy enterprise portals, as well as monitor and manage them with mission-critical performance, scalability, and reliability.

3 Responses

  1. Hi,

    To implement an enterprise Portal, our company had bought Oracle Portal (including Oracle AS EE), Weblogic Server EE and Webcenter -Services (not suite) a couple of months back along with a free upgrade license. Requesting your help in classifying what software should be downloaded for the Webcenter 11g – Services. Since we had not bought Webcenter Suite, we are not sure on how to architect the solution with the software that we have on hand.

    Balakrishnan R

  2. […] for Fusion Middleware 11g and WebCenter (released July 1st for download; see summary of features here).  Now that we’re out of non-disclosure mode (and into “please disclose!” […]

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