Getting Started with Oracle WebCenter

webcenterframeworkI shot a quick screen cast showing what it takes to install the WebCenter Design Time environment, often referred to as WebCenter Framework. I hope it helps you get started.
webcentertutorialAfter successful installation, you can give the WebCenter Tutorial a try. It walks you through the steps of building a simple, but functional WebCenter application.

8 Responses

  1. What is the recommended approach for integrating a Lotus Domino content repository with WebCenter? When I look at the connection options inside JDeveloper, I only see Oracle Portal, Oracle Content Server, and File System.

  2. I hear that there will be integration but it is still being worked on. I believe its a Sept release date with Lotus.

    • Oracle Webcenter10.1.3 additional Services CD contains Domino JCR adapter and is compatible only with Domino6.5.x and 7.0.x. We are looking for Domino JCR adapter compatible with Domino8.x. Is it going to to available only after September this year? Please, clarify what with any available links about this september release addressing about Domino integration with Webcenter. Please find below is the link detailing with JCR domino adaptors with Webcenter:

  3. Our partners are in the process of building content adapters. The Lotus Domino adapter is in the works too. We’ll announce the availability on OTN (

  4. Hi Peter

    Any news related to Lotus Domino 8.x adapters. ?

  5. I have added several different URL’s (under Layout) to a webcenter page. Now what I need is for each of these to have unique sessions. Currently they are all one session.

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