Integrating ADF with Your Applications: Ensemble Patch Set

enssembleviewletAs part of the Fusion Middleware 11g R1 release train, we just made an interoperability patch set available for WebCenter Ensemble (Download: Linux | Solaris | Windows).

The primary purpose of the patch set is to provide support for integrating ADF applications and task flows into your applications. The patch certifies the use of the WebCenter Social Computing Services (aka: WebCenter Web 2.0 Services) with WebCenter Interaction (fka: Aqualogic Interaction (fka: Plumtree)). This patch enables WCI customers to consume ADF task flows as portlets.

This brief demo gives you a high level overview of Ensemble.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Peter,

    We are looking to use ADF through ensemble. It would be very helpful to have a sample showing how to use ADF and taskflows in ensemble, what is best practice, how du you handle taskflow parameteres…


  2. We’re about to release a white paper in the very near future covering this very topic. Stay tuned…

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