Oracle WebCenter 11g Handbook in the Works: Free Preview

Towards the end of the year (December 2009) in the Oracle Press series McGraw-Hill releases our new book about the WebCenter Framework and Services, titled Oracle WebCenter 11g Handbook: Build Rich, Customizable Enterprise 2.0 Applications.


Here is an excerpt from the description:

The book provides in-depth information on WebCenter concepts, architecture, design, and implementation. You will learn how to integrate content from document management systems, add and manage runtime customization capabilities, and integrate with other applications.

RuntimeCustomizationPreviewThe co-authors are Philipp Weckerle, currently working as a sales consultant in Austria; with Philipp we used to be peers on the WebCenter Product Management team, and Frédéric Desbiens living in Quebec, Canada who is working for Fujitsu Consulting.

And here is the best: McGraw Hill made available the draft of the Runtime Customization chapter as a free preview.


One Response

  1. Next post is going to be a competition for us to win a signed copy of the book by developing something interesting for webcenter 11g? 😀

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