New WebCenter Extension for JDeveloper Fixes Design Time Memory Issues

There’s a new WebCenter Extension available that you can install very quickly and easily through JDeveloper’s Help > Check for Update. To confirm that the new version is installed, check the extension version through Help > About. Look for extension version:

The updated extension contains fixes for a number of issues; most importantly the incorrect MaxPermSize setting that the WebCenter Extension injected on the project level. This value caused conflicts with the Integrated WebLogic Server settings specified in the SetDomainEnv shell script.

As a result of this fix you will not run out of memory after a few runs of your WebCenter application.

Regardless of whether you do or don’t have the WebCenter Extension already installed, it is safe to install the new version.

Bonus: if you want to download the extension offline and install it off of your file system, here you can get a hold of all the Oracle Fusion Middleware extensions, including the SOA Composite Editor and the Team Productivity Center.
Important note: If you choose to download the WebCenter extension from OTN directly, be sure that you DO NOT extract the extension zip file. Point JDeveloper’s Help > Check for Update to the downloaded zip file directly.

Isn’t it nice to see the JDeveloper extension model work when quick fixes need to be released?

6 Responses

  1. If I download the extension offline and point JDeveloper to the zip file, can I delete the zip after installation or is JDeveloper referencing the archive directly? (In other words, does it copy the contents of the zip somewhere?)

  2. This is great!!!! Now we are ready to go!

  3. This is great… A lot of colleagues have been having problems with memory issues with jdev..

  4. to download Webcenter extension, just i need webcenter framework to the list?
    afraid download the webcenter full version.

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