WebLogic Portal: WSRP Interoperability with the WebCenter Framework Using the JSF Portlet Bridge

Federated Portals Guide – WSRP Interoperability with the WebCenter Framework: This is a very useful part of the WLP documentation discussing the steps you need to take to consume WSRP 2.0 portlets, including the WebCenter Social Computing Services exposed as portlets.

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  1. I am about to start a new project involving portal technology and my company is considering Oracle WebCenter Suite products as a primary technology. But we have some issues regarding customer portal (Internet) – we cannot drop support for IE6 users so we cannot use WC/ADF Faces RC for Internet portal. It is not a problem for internal intranet applications which we are also want to rebuild from scrach using WC. We would like to have one product suite across Internet, intranet and extranet portals – sharing some portlet applications between all sites. Is it possible with WC?

    What is the best recommendation WL Portal/WL Interaction for Internet and WebCenter application for Intranet also as a WSRP provider for internet application?

    • HI Igor,

      Your concern is a valid one, many of our customers and prospects share it.
      While ADF-Faces 11g requires fairly modern browsers (the almost 10 year old IE6 doesn’t cut it), you still have the option to build portals and applications using the same development environment, same development framework, targeting old browser compatible pages as well. You can always use the open source Apache Trinidad components. These components were first designed and built by Oracle, and then donated to the open source community. While these components are not as rich as the ADF-Faces components, they have a number of nice features, including partial page refresh using Ajax. The Trinidad components support IE6, among others.

      So, the recommendation would be to direct users with old browsers to a (set of) Trinidad page(s) with similar or scaled down functionality, and educate them that using a modern browser has a number of advantages, including the richer, more functional experience your site/portal provides.

      And one last note: here you can check out the IE6 support time lines. To summarize it: July 2010 appears to be the support deadline for IE6.

  2. Can i use WebCenter Spaces application as a Internet Portal Application? If yes, what can be the possible issues i can face?

  3. ie6 may be no longer support by Microsoft but you try telling those big blue chip companies to upgrade to a newer browser 🙂 its not easy!

    • John,

      Agree, upgrade isn’t always easy.
      Many of the customers with this issue found the following an acceptable compromise:
      1) Don’t need to upgrade your old IE 6.
      2) Install a modern browser (firefox).
      3) Add a desktop icon that invokes the modern browser with the WebCenter Spaces or rich ADF URL.

      This doesn’t change the “old” behavior of the environment whatsoever, and bridges the old browser vs. new browser gap.

  4. Hi Peter,

    I am very interested in WSRP and I noticed that portalstandards.oracle.com is down today.

    Can you ask someone to bring this site back up?



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