JDeveloper 11g R1 Patch Set 1: Hundreds of New Features

Most of the WebCenter new features in PS1 are pretty fundamental, complex big ticket items. On the JDeveloper/ADF side, however, there are literally hundreds of new features.

Here are the ones on top of my list:

Simplified and improved creation and management of contextual events (contextual events are used for inter-component communication):

  • Create an ADF contextual event from a faces button, managed bean or JavaScript as well as from any ADF value binding, action binding or navigator binding.
  • Edit contextual events using the new contextual events tab in the bindings editor.
  • Declaratively specify raise conditions for an event.
  • Pass a binding value, data control method return, managed bean method return value, string literal or other expression as an event payload.
  • Choose to subscribe to an event only if it’s raised by a particular component.
  • Declaratively specify handle conditions for an event.

ContextualEventsImproved Design time experience: JSF visual editor and design time EL execution:

  • Improved feedback on drop zones
  • Clearer presentation of the name of the object under cursor
  • Significant performance improvements
  • Improved ability to work with components that can be collapsed (ShowDetailItem)
  • EL that is resolvable at design time now renders in the visual editor. New options for handling EL that cannot be resolved at design time include: hide the EL completely, show dummy data, show the EL (either in full or abbreviated form).

VisualEditorJSON Support: New support for editing JSON files, including creating new JSON files, syntax highlighting, structure pane, brace matching, and code folding.

New Carousel and Improved Hierarchy Viewer components

CarouselHere you find a (more) complete list of new features.

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  1. I want to copy substring of text entered in one field to another text field. However, I am unable to find component.
    Any help on this?

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