WebCenter 11g Patch Set 1: Packed with New Features

The first patch set for WebCenter 11g has arrived. The latest version is available on the Fusion Middleware 11g Download Page. To get started with the WebCenter Framework, you need to download the studio edition of JDeveloper and install the WebCenter Extension for JDeveloper through Help > Check for Updates.

The documentation has been revamped as well.

Some of the key new features:

  • People Connection: this service allows you to build Facebook or LinkedIn like business networks. The People Connections service includes task flows that show off a user’s profile, visualize the user’s connections list or network, display all the invitations pending and accepted from others, deliver a whiteboard (often called a “wall”) to project out relevant information about one’s role or self, and provide a means to monitor and manage received and given kudos. The People Connections service provides a view of these activity streams and includes filters for the user to determine the type of activities that are of interest.PeopleConnection
  • Content Presenter: this service allows business users to select a document, apply a template, and publish it in their pages. Content presenter is very similar to the WebLogic Portal Content Presenter Portlet.ContentPresenter
  • REST APIs:
    • The Discussions service REST APIs enable a client to post, read, update, and delete discussion forums, topics, and messages.
    • The People Connections service REST APIs enable a client to view profile data; manage connection lists, feedback, and messages; and view activities for users, lists, and group spaces.
    • The WebCenter Spaces REST APIs enable a client to retrieve group space metadata and view, create, update, and delete group space lists and list items.
    • The Content Management REST Service uses the CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) RESTful server binding to provide access to the CM VCR (Content Management Virtual Content Repository).
  • Personal Calendar: the new personal calendar uses the rich ADF-Faces calendar component.Calendar
  • Composer Improvements: more control over page layout.Composer
  • Tighter integration with SES: All Social Computing services are integrated with SES. You can configure Spaces and custom WebCenter applications to be crawled and indexed by SES, resulting in relevancy ranked search results for all data sources.
  • Wiki & Blog integration got significantly better with out-of-the-box search integration.
  • Extended browser support: IE8, Safari 4.x, Firefox 3.5
  • Scalability and performance improvements

23 Responses

  1. Nice… people connection is going to be awesome…

  2. I noticed that the patch set for WebCenter ( is on OTN, but eDelivery still has

    What is the best way to interpret this? That the patch set is not “official” yet, or has eDelivery just not been updated? As someone new to Oracle, it can be a little confusing with some patches on Oracle support, some on OTN, and software downloads on eDelivery.

    To me, I interpret it as “proceed with caution.”

  3. I’m not overly familiar with eDelivery, but my understanding is that it used to be the download site for BEA products before the merger.

    The primary hosting site for Oracle software is download.oracle.com. Whatever you see there is “official”.

    So… while caution is always good, there’s nothing to be cautious about here. Regardless whether eDelivery will get refreshed or not, this is production software released by Oracle.

    Have fun with it!

  4. Peter, thanks for this article. Great features! The speed of delivery of this patch and the quantity of the new stuff are quite impressive.

  5. SES Integration sounds good

    Any support for XMPP for presence in here yet (eg Beehive IM) as it seems odd to support MS OCS st the expense of Beehive

  6. Peter, given the number of new features etc I would have expected more of a splash in the Oracle.com site publicising this new release? Is the publicity machine catching up with the release as we speak, thanks

  7. What new composer enhancements have been added in this release?

    • This is a good topic for a new post. To quickly answer your question at a very high level: you can create any arbitrary layout by using the “Add box ” icons, where can be Above, Below, Left, and Right (if you know Oracle Portal, it follows the same model). Also there were significant improvements in the Source view of Composer: when selecting a node in source view, the corresponding object is selected in the graphical rendering. The Composer toolbar is now customizable too. In addition, a number of minor usability and stability fixes were added/applied.

      Hope this helps.

  8. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for wonderful and informative article. You will be glad to hear that this is my 2nd implementation as far as WebCenter is concerned. My first implementation was on WebCenter 10G and you helped us a lot during the implementation of WebCenter 10G.

    I am planning to use WebCenter Space application for Intranet Portal. I have three questions from you:-

    1. I found that text is not translating when i changed the language from English to Arabic.How can i change these text?

    2. Heading, Logo and Page footer can be written either in English or in Arabic. How can add different text or logo for Arabic?

    3. How can i changed the code of Oracle WebCenter Spaces?

    4. If i apply the patch on WebCenter 11G, what will be the impact on existing customization and personalization?

    • You can done almost all the things by downloading extendwebcenterspaces.zip from OTN network. Detail is available in zip file.

  9. Hi Peter ,

    I am searching for the Webcenter patchset as i read in your blog that it includes the Content Presenter feature for Carousel . Was this feature not present in ? Because i have seen lot of demos which had carousel feature already implemented in Spaces . Right now i too am owrking on this but not finding content presenter in Spaces.

    I Found one patchset named “Patchscripts” on the link http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/middleware/htdocs/fmw_11_download.html .
    But i am not sure whether it is for webcenter .

    If that is not the one , then can you give the exact link from where i can download the patchset .


  10. Is there a link you could provide to the Oracle site that gives some documentation describing the full features

    many thanks

  11. I’ve asked the DBAs to upgrade our EStudio version of Web Center Spaces 11g to but I can’t see any of the “Linked In” features in the Profile Page

    Have I missed something ?

    Was expecting to see a screen shot similar to the one in your Blog main body

    Many Thanks


  12. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for this great introduction of the new patch set, however I’m interested in the calendar and have two questions concerning Calendar.
    First, Where can i find it?!
    I installed the new patch set, and I didn’t find it in the resources (using JDeveloper, so How can I try it along with events and Project management.

    Second, Is there a way I can modify the behavior of this calendar, for instance to view a chinese date instead of normal dates!

    Many Thanks,

  13. Is there a feature in PS1 allowing kudos to be given to other users?

    • Absolutely. It shows up in the UI as “Feedback”. You get a rich text editor to provide your comments. The feedback, then shows up in the Activity Stream, and on the profile pages of both the sender and the receiver.

  14. Peter, there is some documentation to upgrade my webcenter to PS1?

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