WebCenter REST API Sample

The People Connection service is one of the most exciting features of the Patch Set 1 release. It allows you to build and manage your connections, as well as to monitor the activity stream in a snappy, intuitive UI.

Bob Fraser from the WebCenter Product Management team published a new sample on OTN demonstrating the REST APIs offered by the People Connection service. The main idea about REST-enabling the social computing services is to allow you to build alternative UIs interacting with the WebCenter back-end services. In Bob’s example you have a simple HTML form where you enter your status message, and it posts your status through the REST APIs to the People Connection service.

Here is how it works:

  1. Invoke the URL that hosts the sample, for example: http://myhost.com/updatestatus/updateStatus.html
  2. Provide your status update and submit the form
  3. Navigate to your WebCenter Gallery page, and confirm that your status has been updated. The changed status shows up in the Activity Stream as well. The Spaces screen shot above (click to enlarge) shows just that.

Very cool…


4 Responses

  1. does this feature support the opensocial api?

  2. This demonstrates how you can invoke WebCenter back-end functionality using the REST-ful APIs. The WebCenter 11gR1 Patch Set 1 release doesn’t have out-of-the-box opensocial support.

  3. @peter, I’ve got some REST examples I’m working on as well. I’ll write a blog post soon, but for now you can check the code out on GitHub: http://github.com/manalang/webcenter-rest

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