Updated White Paper on Extending WebCenter Spaces

Most of our customers deploying WebCenter Spaces are interested in changing various aspects of their deployment. We have just released on OTN the updated Extending WebCenter Spaces ( white paper (supporting files 25MB). The executive overview of the paper gives a good summary of what it’s all about:

Oracle WebCenter Spaces is a pre-built, pre-integrated, and highly customizable enterprise application that provides new facilities to enable social communities within the enterprise. As you begin using WebCenter Spaces, you may find that you want to customize the navigational controls, look and feel, and other aspects of this application. For example, you might want to provide a customized resource catalog with content that better reflects your organization or a departmental requirement.

And here is the list of capabilities covered in the paper:

  • Deploy your own skins – Build and deploy your own skins to brand your WebCenter Spaces environment with the look and feel you choose.
  • Customize the resource catalog – Add new task flows to the WebCenter Spaces resource catalog, filter out content, and reorganize the folder structure to make it easy for your users to find the content they need.
  • Add custom task flows – Develop specialized task flows in JDeveloper and make them available to your WebCenter Spaces users.
  • Deploy new page styles – Use WebCenter Spaces’ own pre-built page styles, such as three-column or navigation, or create your own. You decide which page styles to make available to users.
  • Change the public welcome page (and login area) – Modify the default content, or replace the entire page with content specific to your installation, or change the default login form to a login link.
  • Create and deploy new site templates – Create and deploy new site templates for WebCenter Spaces page. Alternatively, customize the out-of-box site templates to suite your installation.
  • Rename the Personal Space tab – Choose a different name for Personal Spaces, the private work areas in WebCenter Spaces.
  • Filter Languages – Reduce the range of locales/languages available in your application.

8 Responses

  1. […] you Oracle guys.. Check out Peter Moskovits blog:: Updated White Paper on Extending WebCenter […]

  2. Hi Peter,

    This white paper and the associated resources are indispensable. However, we need more than this. It is a complicated yet crucial area. How for example to add custom task flow to become an item in the Composer catalog (I got that to work) and how to make that task flow participate in tagging & linking and searching (will the service-definition.xml in this task flow be picked up?). The white paper indicates that many things are possible, but is somewhat limited when it comes to explaining the steps in detail. The whole process -with a standard custom extension application that is deployed to complement WebCenter Spaces is not very intuitive. More material would be much appreciated.


  3. Hi Peter ,

    Thx for sharing this white paper .

    Peter I am little confused afer going through the Avitek demo and the the White Peper on the Extending the Web Cneter Spaces .

    1)In the White paper it is shown how to customize the
    spaces and how to use task flows .
    But is the AVitek demo is also made after customization of the Spaces or it is a custom application .

    2) How can we give the Web Center Spaces the same look as of Avitek . In White paper we have seen how to change the skin and all .
    But how can I customize the top pannel of the Spaces where we have logo and the tabs
    also How to chnage the side bar look and feel .

    Please help me to solve this issues . Your help is appreciated .
    Thx .

  4. Thanks for a great reference. I have had success using this so far. There is one area I need help with. When making a custom skin for spaces, It is really hard to tell which CSS classes correspond to which elements of a page. Inspecting the final document does not help becuase the css class names seem to be replaced with some autogenerated names. Is there any reference anywhere that shows which classes in the myskin example map to which page elements in spaces? Any help would be grately appreciated.

  5. Peter,

    I was able to deploy this Custom Webcenter app, but how do I access the custom app? Is there a different URL? I am not able to see the custom components in my default webcenter spaces..
    Please help.
    Thank you.

  6. Is there any update to this for

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