Step-by-step Instructions to Install and Configure WebCenter Spaces

There’s a new Oracle By Example (OBE) available on OTN that covers the end-to-end installation and configuration steps for WebCenter Spaces. Following the “OBE traditions”, every step is illustrated with a screen shot.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks. This OBE is really helpful. Here’s an idea for a future blog post: Running WebLogic/WebCenter as a Windows service.

    • Steve,

      Just out of curiosity: are you running your servers on Windows?
      Typically I use Windows and MacOS for development, and use Linux or other Unix flavors for server functionality.

  2. Peter,
    Need your expert help on installing and configuring the WebCentre Just for the info, updating you the Successfully installed stuff on Redhat Linux 5 X86_64 server;
    – Oracle 11g R2
    – Oracle RCU
    – Weblogic (11gR2 – 10.3.3- latest version)

    While installing the latest WebCentre, immediately after the prerequisite check, throw’s up an exceptions of INST-07010, INST-07286, INST-07100, INST-07293 to which failed to resolve, though properly setting the MW_HOME, as per the standard installation procedure followed.

    Am new to this facing difficulties, help me.

    Thanks in advance.

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