Tip for Spaces: Disable Last Accessed Page

In WebCenter Spaces 11g R1 Patch Set 1 we introduced a new JVM property that allows administrators to disable the default functionality which takes users to the last accessed page in WebCenter Spaces. When you make the following change, the user will be taken to the first page in their Personal Space (when in personal space context) or to the first page in the Group Space (when in a group space context).

The nice thing about this is that now you can create a business role page, make it the first page in personal space, and that way push information to your users.

All you need to do is edit the setDomainEnv.sh script and add the following entry:


When done, remember to restart the managed server in order for the new parameter to take effect.

This functionality will be included in the next revision of the documentation.


3 Responses

  1. I have Spaces installed in Windows environment and I have added set oracle.webcenter.spaces.disableLastAccessPageBehavior=true in setDomainEnv.cmd and it didn’t work for me. Can you please send me some more details on this.


    • Mahesh – this is a documented feature. If it doesn’t work for you, please go ahead and file a service request with Oracle Support. If you like, you’re welcome to send me your SR number as well.


      • We also tried this feature. Our WCS site uses a single group space in maximised mode, and we have several pages in this space, the first of which is intended as the mandatory landing page.

        The standard functionality is for the last visited page to be landed upon, so we wanted to use the new feature described here.

        When we set the JVM property, the site sends the user to their ‘My Group Spaces’ page – i.e completely outside our intended maximised mode.

        Definitely not the behaviour we want. Any suggestions or other default-page settings we can try?

        THanks in advance

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