WebCenter Handbook Available for the Kindle

Although, Amazon hides it really well, actually you can buy the latest Oracle Press – McGraw Hill books, including the WebCenter 11g Handbook, for the Kindle as well. All you need to do is select the Kindle Store in the Amazon Search drop-down list and search for WebCenter.

It’s somewhat more expensive than the paperback, but (I assume – I don’t have a kindle) you can search. And you don’t have to carry the five hundred some pages. Not to mention all the trees you save.

3 Responses

  1. I carry the book around with a 17″ monster laptop to run webcenter and jDev. together it`s not fun..

    But I think I`m saving a lot on not needing gym membership 🙂

  2. Hey Peter,is there a common place to download sample code from the webcenter 11g handbook? There are some examples in the book that need either images or jsp pages and the like. Was just wondering if these artifacts existed.

    • Hi Rob,

      We didn’t post the samples online, we figured they’re simple enough to build them. Is there something you’re looking for specifically, or is this more of a general question?

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