Re: Tweaking WebCenter

Jake Kuramoto has an excellent post on the new dress our internal WebCenter Spaces deployment got this week.

[..] we operated as a WebCenter customer would, extending the product, using its APIs, and pushing the limits of what the product can do. This provided valuable insight into the customer experience that has been rolled into the product.

As an eye candy, here is the new group space switcher, that pops up when you hover over Home for more than half a second. Check out his post for all the other great stuff.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Peter,
    We have a custom webcenter application wherein we are leveraging PageService APIs.Tried Create Page/Task Flow Under a user defined Scope,throws exception shown below but with default scope it works fine.Can you let me know how to rectify this.??
    Did something like this :-

    public String getScopeName() {
    String scopeName=”scope_test”;

    ServiceContext sContext = ServiceContext.getContext();
    try {
    Scope scope = sContext.createScope(scopeName);
    } catch (ScopeAlreadyExistsException scopeExistsException) {

    System.out.println(“Scope Already Exists…”);
    return scopeName;

    I get the following error :

    javax.servlet.ServletException: MDS-00564: GUID feature is not supported for metadata stores of type “URLMetadataStore”.


  2. I also use pageService api to create an scope, this is invoked in in an action button. How can I solve my problem.


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