Oracle Happy Hour is for You (if you speak Austrian)

With the lead of Philipp Weckerle, who is among other things known for his book on Oracle WebCenter ;-), Oracle Austria started publishing video podcasts, targeting the German speaking audience.

In their first episode they give a quick overview of BI 11g, Application Express, Flash storage, and more. I’m sure they will cover WebCenter in the near future as well. We’re working hard to give them a good reason to do so!


2 Responses

  1. Subtitles please.. My German is really really rusty..

  2. Universal subtitles is cool, indeed. I’ll have to let Philipp know about it, so he can do the translation. I gave it a quick try, but it’s too much work (for me)…
    Maybe he’ll add the sub-titles to the YouTube version in the future; you never know…

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