Hidden Gems for Developers in WebCenter Patch Set 3

We have made a handful of improvements to the developer experience for WebCenter Portal developers. Let’s review three of them, in no particular order.

WebCenter-specific artifacts in the EL Editor

In PS3 we have grouped the WebCenter-specific EL constructs under a dedicated node in the EL Editor, making it very easy to access the security, navigation, or personalization context from EL. When it comes to the EL Editor, it’s very easy to get lost, hopefully this makes it easy to reference the various WebCenter artifacts.

New resource catalog: WebCenter Portal Catalog

We created a new resource catalog for portal developers, containing basic components that we expect many extranet and public facing web sites to leverage. On one hand, as a best practice, this is a list of light-weight components we recommend you to use, on the other hand it’s a convenient way to access these components. And best of all, you can expand this list or shape it the way you like by editing this resource catalog – or even by creating a new one.

WebCenter task flows: almost 100

One of the frequent questions we get from prospects and customers is “how many portlets/components does WebCenter have”. Well – if you qualify this question and ask “how many out of the box task flows does WebCenter provide in its development environment”, I know the answer to this one: 90. Here are a few screen shots for your review.


WebCenter Enterprise Methodology Group

Yet another sign of WebCenter gaining a lot of traction… Lining up nicely with the WebCenter 11g PS3 release date,Yannick Ongena kicked off the WebCenter Enterprise Methodology Group. The WebCenter Methodology Group is the fourth in the family, following the footsteps of the ADF, BIEE, and SOA-BPM community.

This group is a place to discuss best practices and methodologies for WebCenter Enterprise development, including effort by “experts” in WebCenter to discuss high level issues than those discussed on the OTN User Interaction Forums.  This effort is an overall part of getting WebCenter experts, advocates and programmers to start collaborating at user group events and OOW to get “WebCenter out there“.