WebLogic Portal: WSRP Interoperability with the WebCenter Framework Using the JSF Portlet Bridge

Federated Portals Guide – WSRP Interoperability with the WebCenter Framework: This is a very useful part of the WLP documentation discussing the steps you need to take to consume WSRP 2.0 portlets, including the WebCenter Social Computing Services exposed as portlets.

Topics covered:

Portal Products at Oracle OpenWorld 2009

We have a new page on OTN that lists all the portal related sessions at this  year’s Oracle OpenWorld. Here is the summary table:

Time Title Location
Sunday, October 11, 2009
10:30a Build Rich, Customizable Enterprise 2.0 Applications
Frédéric Desbiens, Fujitsu America & Peter Moskovits, Oracle (ID S309195)
Hilton Hotel, Golden Gate 3
1:15p Best Practices for Using Oracle WebCenter Services for Oracle Fusion Applications
Gangadhar Konduri & Kundan Vyas, Oracle (ID S311632)
Hilton Hotel, Golden Gate 3
2:30p Hands-on Lab: Oracle WebCenter Suite—Enterprise 2.0 at Your Fingertips
Martin Deh, Christina Gibb Kolotouros & Peter Moskovits, Oracle (ID S311311)
Hilton Hotel, Continental Ballroom 6
Monday, October 12, 2009
11:30a Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g: Strategy and Vision for Enterprise Portals
Sachin Parashar, Rahul Patel & Maiko Rocha, Oracle (ID S310663)
Moscone S, Rm 104
1:00p Oracle Universal Content Management As a Content Management System for Oracle WebCenter
Marcus Diaz, Ann Fellman & Ryan McVeigh, Oracle (ID S309625)
Marriott Hotel, Salon 2
1:00p Introducing Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g
Vince Casarez, Vineet Duggal & George Maggessy, Oracle (ID S311628)
Moscone S, Rm 309
2:30p Empower Customers: Build a Highly Integrated Context-Rich Support Portal
Nam Doan-Huy & Narasimha Rao Kondapaka, Wind River; Ann Fellman, Oracle (ID S309761)
Marriott Hotel, Salon 1
2:30p Maximizing the Performance of Oracle WebLogic Portal with Oracle Coherence
Tim Breeden, Oracle (ID S309816)
Hilton Hotel, Golden Gate 3
4:00p Oracle WebCenter Services: The REST of the Story
Phil Griffin, Pankaj Mittal & Skip Sauls, Oracle (S308918)
Moscone S, Rm 309
4:00p Oracle WebCenter Suite’s Enterprise Business Dictionary Reduces Time to Value
Christina Gibb Kolotouros, Oracle (ID S311629)
Marriott Hotel, Salon 2
5:30p Enabling Enterprise 2.0 Within the Canadian Cancer-Research Community
Wayne Roberts, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer; Scott Reynolds, Deloitte Canada;
Ann Fellman & Neil Robertson, Oracle (ID S309096)
Moscone S, Rm 252
5:30p Announcing the New Release of Oracle WebLogic Portal
Josh Lannin, Oracle (ID S309607)
Moscone S, Rm 104
5:30p Integrate Oracle Coherence*Web Caching with Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle WebLogic Portal
Tom Eliason, Jason Howes & Rob Misek, Oracle (ID S309139)
Hilton Hotel, Continental Ballroom 4
5:30p Hands-on Lab: Oracle WebCenter Suite—Enterprise 2.0 at Your Fingertips
Martin Deh, Christina Gibb Kolotouros & Peter Moskovits, Oracle (ID S311311)
Hilton Hotel, Continental Ballroom 6
Tuesday, October 13, 2009
11:30a Getting Up to Speed with Oracle WebCenter Interaction
Brian Harrison, Oracle (ID S309879)
Moscone S, Rm 252
1:00p Successfully Integrating Security and Enterprise Portals
Brian Lucas & Jay Taylor, Chick-Fil-A; Manish Devgan, Oracle (ID S310638)
Marriott Hotel, Salon 2
2:30p Oracle WebCenter Spaces: Enterprise 2.0 in Action
Manish Devgan & Christian Hauser, Oracle (ID S308913)
Moscone S, Rm 252
2:30p Experiences with Oracle WebCenter 11g: Implementing SOA with a User Interface
Peter Ebell & Lucas Jellema, AMIS (ID S310451)
Marriott Hotel, Salon 2
2:30p Hands-on Lab: Building Collaborative Portals for Oracle Applications by Using Oracle WebCenter
Nabin Bilas, Narayan Chintalapati, Anirudh Pandit & Nishit Rao, Oracle (ID S311732)
Marriott Hotel, Golden Gate A3
4:00p Enhance the Usability of Your Oracle Applications Through Composite Applications
Jim Powell, ExoConsultants; Sachin Agarwal & Vinod Murthy, Oracle (ID S310611)
Moscone S, Rm 252
4:00p Oracle Portal 11g New Features, Interoperability, and How to Upgrade
Sanjay Kwatra, Nagesh Patange & Bala Shanmugasundaram, Oracle (ID S310626)
Moscone S, Rm 305
4:00p Client-Side Web Development with Oracle WebLogic Portal/Oracle WebCenter Using
REST and Ajax

Chris Bales & Tim Breeden, Oracle (ID S309788)
Hilton Hotel, Yosemite C
5:30p Creating Composite Applications with Oracle’s Enterprise 2.0 for Oracle Applications
Markus Zirn, Oracle (ID S309989)
Marriott Hotel, Salon 2
5:30p Hands-on Lab: Oracle WebCenter Spaces
Manish Devgan, Christina Gibb Kolotouros & Christian Hauser, Oracle (ID S311709)
Marriott Hotel, Golden Gate A2
Wednesday, October 14, 2009
10:15a Hands-on Lab: Using Oracle Universal Content Management with Oracle WebLogic Portal
Alan Baer, Chris Bales & Marcus Diaz, Oracle (ID S311762)
Marriott Hotel, Golden Gate A2
11:45a Hands-on Lab: Seamlessly Integrate Enterprise 2.0 into Oracle WebCenter Interaction
Brian Harrison, Oracle (ID S311711)
Marriott Hotel, Golden Gate A2
1:00p Introduction to Enterprise 2.0 and How It Can Help You
Ajay Gandhi, Oracle (ID S310654)
Moscone S, Rm 236
1:00p Enhanced Usability of Oracle Applications with Web 2.0: Technical Insight
Sachin Agarwal & Nadia Bendjedou, Oracle (ID S311588)
Moscone West L2, Room 2005
1:45p Enterprise 2.0 in Action: Strategies for Successful Deployments
Andy Mulholland, Capgemini &Vince Casarez, Oracle (ID S311631)
Moscone S, Rm 236
Thursday, October 15, 2009
9:00a Back-End Your Oracle WebLogic Portal with Oracle Universal Content Management
Alan Baer & Billy Cripe, Oracle (ID S309996)
Moscone S, Rm 252
9:00a Optimizing Performance of Your SOA, Portal, and Java Composite Applications
Glen Hawkins & Rajiv Taori, Oracle, Pragnesh Panchal, Equinix (ID S308100)
Marriott Hotel, Salon 7
10:30a Turbocharging the Performance of Your Oracle WebLogic Portal Application
Glen Hawkins, Mark McGill & Prakash Menon, Oracle (ID S308128)
Moscone S, Rm 309
1:30p Integrating Microsoft SharePoint Content into Your Oracle WebCenter Applications
Marcus Diaz & Nicolas Pombourcq, Oracle (ID S309634)
Moscone S, Rm 252
3:00p Hands-on Lab: Oracle WebCenter Spaces
Manish Devgan, Christina Gibb Kolotouros & Christian Hauser, Oracle (ID S311709)
Marriott Hotel, Golden Gate A2

WebLogic Portal 10.3 Patchset Supporting Interoperability with WebCenter 11g

We just released a new Patch Set Update for WebLogic Portal 10.3 which enables interoperability with WebCenter 11g via WSRP 2.0. This patch set allows you to consume the WebCenter Social Computing Services (aka: WebCenter Web 2.0 Services) components and task flows in WebLogic Portal, by leveraging the Oracle JSF Portlet Bridge (JSR 301). Also, you can build new capabilities with Oracle ADF and WebCenter and surface them in WebLogic Portal.

This patch is the technical enabler required for interoperability, and it provides variety of product fixes as well. For important information, please see these sections of the Release Notes.

Our plan is that future WebLogic Portal 10.3 patches will be issued on top of Patch Set Update, so it’s critical that customers install this patch.

Fusion Middleware Virtualization Platforms

OTN has a nicely compiled list of supported virtualization and partitioning technologies for the Fusion Middleware components.

The bottom of the page contains a link to what most of us are interested in: a Metalink note describing Oracle’s support policy on Oracle products running on VMware: Metalink note number 249212.1.

Updated Wiki, Blog, and Discussion Services

The previous releases of Oracle WebCenter contained two Web 2.0 services: Discussions and Wiki. The release, officially called Oracle WebCenter Additional Services 10g (, contains the enhanced versions of Wiki and Discussions, and packs blogging capabilities as well (download discussions | download wiki and blog).

A nice touch to the release is that we have sample portlets available, built and tested against WebLogic Portal. The sample portlets are designed to allow you to easily connect to the Wiki, Blog, and Discussion Servers. Once connected, you can navigate, create new blog entries, wiki pages, and discussion forum threads (wiki and blog samples download | discussion samples download).

These are the first in the series of the WebCenter Web 2.0 services that are certified on WebLogic Server 10.3.  Going forward, the rest of the WebCenter 11g stack is planned to be certified on the WebLogic Server as well.

For more information, refer to the OTN page.

5 Best Practices for Modernizing your Enterprise Portal

Ann Fellman and Ajay Gandhi from Oracle share tips in this live web cast on how to increase the productivity of your enterprise portal and answer your questions during the live Q&A.

Here is the overview from the session:

Modern enterprise portals offer superior user experience, greater individual and team productivity along with reduced development and support costs. Learn how to get more business value out of your existing enterprise portal using 5 proven best practices. This webcast will show how you can modernize your portal through optimized security & personalization, improved application integration, enterprise content management, Web 2.0 and support of the most important industry standards.

Oracle Portal Product Strategy & Roadmap Web Casts

We have a series of web casts in November discussing our overall portal strategy and roadmap going forward. The webcasts will address feature updates, integrations, and certifications – as well as other news relevant to WebLogic Portal, WebCenter Interaction, and Oracle Portal customers.

Oracle Portal Products Strategy & Roadmap Update: WebLogic Portal
November 13, 2008
10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET

Oracle Portal Products Strategy & Roadmap Update: WebCenter Interaction (formerly AquaLogic User Interaction)
November 19, 2008
10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET

Oracle Portal Products Strategy & Roadmap Update: Oracle Portal
November 20, 2008
10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET

Go to the announcement on oracle.com to register for these web casts.

WebLogic Portal 10.3 Available for Download

The first version of WebLogic Portal since the Oracle-BEA merger has been released. WLP 10.3 is basically a re-branded version of WebLogic Portal 10.2.

For more information visit the WebLogic Portal page on OTN.


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