Oracle Combined with BEA Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

Here you can take a look at Gartner’s 2008 analysis of the horizontal portal market space. The combined Oracle-BEA solutions are in the leader’s quadrant.

Here are Oracle’s strength called out by Gartner:

  • Oracle plans to incorporate much of BEA’s most-interesting technology into its strategic portal and user interaction platform offerings, including functionality found in the former BEA Ensemble, Pathways and Analytics offerings, as well as the .NET Accelerator. Although none of these will be available as individual products, the incorporation of this functionality into WebCenter Services and WebCenter Suite will interest prospects looking for mashup functionality; portal analytics capability; social-computing features, such as social networking; and simplified integration of .NET applications with Java-based portals.
  • By continuing to offer the WebLogic Portal products, Oracle gains a credible, proven offering for high-volume, large-scale, customer-facing portals.
  • Oracle can provide users with portal and enterprise content management (ECM) capabilities (Universal Content Management), although the integration available with Universal Content Management depends on which of Oracle’s portal offerings is also leveraged.
  • Oracle is an aggressive adopter of portlet-related standards and is an early adopter of JSR 286 (Portlet 2.0) and WSRPv2.
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