WebCenter Spaces PS3 VirtualBox Appliance

With the lead of WebCenter product manager, Rich Nessel, we just released a new VirtualBox Appliance. Here is a high level overview of the VM:

This Oracle VirtualBox appliance contains a fully configured, ready-to-use WebCenter Spaces installation.  It has been tested on Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit, Linux, and Mac OS.

All you need to do to try out WebCenter Spaces is to install Oracle VirtualBox on your desktop/laptop and import the WebCenter appliance — no installation and configuration required!  It is also REQUIRED to install the VirtualBox Extension Pack to get this VM working.

The following software is installed in this VirtualBox image:

  • Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 Update 5
  • Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Enterprise Edition (
  • Oracle WebLogic Server (
  • Oracle Enterprise Content Management 11g R1 ( – Content Server and Inbound Refinery
  • Oracle WebCenter Spaces 11gR1 ( and the following services: Discussions, Personalization, Analytics, Pagelet Producer

Additionally, there are two demonstrations installed, both featuring a fictitious bank, AviTrust – one is the bank’s internet site, the other is its employee portal.  Please review the README on the oracle user’s desktop for details about these two applications.

8 Responses

  1. Where can we download the appliances? All I see is, <>? Any idea on when this will be? Thanks!

  2. Hello, the page for the vbox appliance indicates a new version will be available soon. Do you know when this might be? Thanks!

  3. Hello Peter,
    This is great news, but it seems that the vm image has been taking off the the page. It now states: <>
    I really need to show a spaces portal sample to a client, but have no time to build it from scratch. Any idea of when this is going to be available again? Thaks!

  4. This is a great idea and I was looking forwards to installing this but the files have been removed from Oracle.com _ is there an update on when they will be put back please

  5. Please do us the favor of either removing this post or updating http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/webcenter/downloads/owcs-spaces-vbox-352174.html to actually have something to download.

    It adds to the confusion of people trying to work with spaces.

    A reference implementation would be great though.

    Thanks …

  6. The main page is stil there but not the download files – is there any news on when this will be back thanks

  7. Where is the download?

  8. Does anyone know how how this appliance can be downloaded?… I know that the files were removed some time ago from OTN, but maybe someone has a copy of them and could share them through ftp or DropBox….

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