Consuming RSS in WebCenter

Another topic that comes up every now and then: how can I consume RSS feeds in WebCenter? First, let’s take a look at our options in WebCenter 10g.

  • XML data control – see white paper: A native ADF functionality, don’t even have to use any of the WebCenter bits for this one.
  • OmniPortlet – a simple but very powerful portlet to fetch data from a number of different data sources (XML, CSV, Database, Web service, etc.), and visualize it as a table, scrolling news, or any arbitrary HTML.
  • Google gadget: we intend to publish a sample that showcases how to integrate and RSS google gadget into your webcenter page; for the time being here’s a post covering google gadgets with parameters.

In WebCenter 11g we have another option:

  • According to our current plans, WebCenter 11g will ship with a native RSS reader task flow component.

Quite a few options to consider…

WebCenter vs Stellent (UCM): blogs, wikis, and rss

Just stumbled upon Bex Huff’s summary of the recent Oracle ECM Quarterly Community Call. In his post he gives some advice on what technology to use for blogs, wikis, and RSS. Definitely worth checking it out.