JDeveloper 11g R1 Patch Set 1: Hundreds of New Features

Most of the WebCenter new features in PS1 are pretty fundamental, complex big ticket items. On the JDeveloper/ADF side, however, there are literally hundreds of new features.

Here are the ones on top of my list:

Simplified and improved creation and management of contextual events (contextual events are used for inter-component communication):

  • Create an ADF contextual event from a faces button, managed bean or JavaScript as well as from any ADF value binding, action binding or navigator binding.
  • Edit contextual events using the new contextual events tab in the bindings editor.
  • Declaratively specify raise conditions for an event.
  • Pass a binding value, data control method return, managed bean method return value, string literal or other expression as an event payload.
  • Choose to subscribe to an event only if it’s raised by a particular component.
  • Declaratively specify handle conditions for an event.

ContextualEventsImproved Design time experience: JSF visual editor and design time EL execution:

  • Improved feedback on drop zones
  • Clearer presentation of the name of the object under cursor
  • Significant performance improvements
  • Improved ability to work with components that can be collapsed (ShowDetailItem)
  • EL that is resolvable at design time now renders in the visual editor. New options for handling EL that cannot be resolved at design time include: hide the EL completely, show dummy data, show the EL (either in full or abbreviated form).

VisualEditorJSON Support: New support for editing JSON files, including creating new JSON files, syntax highlighting, structure pane, brace matching, and code folding.

New Carousel and Improved Hierarchy Viewer components

CarouselHere you find a (more) complete list of new features.

WebCenter 11g Patch Set 1: Packed with New Features

The first patch set for WebCenter 11g has arrived. The latest version is available on the Fusion Middleware 11g Download Page. To get started with the WebCenter Framework, you need to download the studio edition of JDeveloper and install the WebCenter Extension for JDeveloper through Help > Check for Updates.

The documentation has been revamped as well.

Some of the key new features:

  • People Connection: this service allows you to build Facebook or LinkedIn like business networks. The People Connections service includes task flows that show off a user’s profile, visualize the user’s connections list or network, display all the invitations pending and accepted from others, deliver a whiteboard (often called a “wall”) to project out relevant information about one’s role or self, and provide a means to monitor and manage received and given kudos. The People Connections service provides a view of these activity streams and includes filters for the user to determine the type of activities that are of interest.PeopleConnection
  • Content Presenter: this service allows business users to select a document, apply a template, and publish it in their pages. Content presenter is very similar to the WebLogic Portal Content Presenter Portlet.ContentPresenter
  • REST APIs:
    • The Discussions service REST APIs enable a client to post, read, update, and delete discussion forums, topics, and messages.
    • The People Connections service REST APIs enable a client to view profile data; manage connection lists, feedback, and messages; and view activities for users, lists, and group spaces.
    • The WebCenter Spaces REST APIs enable a client to retrieve group space metadata and view, create, update, and delete group space lists and list items.
    • The Content Management REST Service uses the CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) RESTful server binding to provide access to the CM VCR (Content Management Virtual Content Repository).
  • Personal Calendar: the new personal calendar uses the rich ADF-Faces calendar component.Calendar
  • Composer Improvements: more control over page layout.Composer
  • Tighter integration with SES: All Social Computing services are integrated with SES. You can configure Spaces and custom WebCenter applications to be crawled and indexed by SES, resulting in relevancy ranked search results for all data sources.
  • Wiki & Blog integration got significantly better with out-of-the-box search integration.
  • Extended browser support: IE8, Safari 4.x, Firefox 3.5
  • Scalability and performance improvements