Note: I left Oracle in September 2011…

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Welcome to my Oracle WebCenter blog! My objective is to provide an insight and detailed technical information about Oracle’s Enterprise 2.0 flagship product.

I am a product manager for Oracle WebCenter, heading up the product management efforts for Web 2.0 and social networking application development. I have been with Oracle since 1998. I started off as an instructor in EMEA, covering the development tools (Forms, Reports, Java) and application server administrator topics. Later I transferred to Redwood Shores, where I participated in the design and implementation of Oracle’s portal products including Oracle WebDB, Oracle Portal, and Oracle WebCenter.

My book on Oracle WebCenter was published in December 2009.

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  1. Dear Peter,
    I want to use Oracle SSO instead of Java SSO in Jive forum. I refered Jive documentation and Oracle WebCenter Framework Developer Guide document. I also want use Jive Portlet in my application. Pls guide me how can i use Oracle SSO along-with Jive Portlet.

    regards, imran mirza

  2. I work in a company in Mexico, we have Oracle WebCenter 11g, and we bougth your book, but we still have a lot of doubts.

    And theres nobody here in Mexico who can help us.


  3. Hi Peter.
    i’m webcenter consultant and we are working hard in webcenter in colombia. i’ve some questions about how implement multiportals strategy with webcenter.
    Could you help me?

  4. Hi Peter,

    I understand that WebCenter / ADF doesn’t “work” with IE 6.

    That said, we have hundreds of users in hospital settings that we need to make a webcenter portal available and those users are on IE 6. Getting the hospital IS Departments to upgrade is generally a slow process.

    Have you or any on your team tried Google’s ChromeFrame in IE 6 as a way to “upgrade” IE 6 so it’s available to WebCenter?

    I’m thinking of floating the idea that the hospital doesn’t have to replace IE 6 but add a plug-in.

    Thanks …


    • Steve – I heard people using this approach successfully. Another possibility is to install a modern browser for WebCenter-only use (e.g. in the form of a desktop shortcut, pointing to the WebCenter URL), and keep using IE 6 for all other purposes.

  5. Hi, I am trying to create a portlet similar to the “Weather” portlet in your online tutorial. This one, however, uses XML. I have a well-formed XML file and have generated an XSD but when I run the “create URL Service Data control” wizard, I keep getting an “the schema XSD is not valid” error. Any thoughts on what may be causing this? The DXS schema should be valid.

    I have both uploaded to m own server and am using the URL”endpoint url”: http://www.mysite.com/xml.xml” and the XSD URL as “http:www.mysite.com/xml.xsd”.

    Thanks for any hepl you might be able to provider,


  6. Hi Peter since WebCenter 11g PatchSet 1 there is a REST interface which provides access to the CM VCR (which is based on the CMIS binding). However it seems very hard to find documentation about the CMIS support in WebCenter. Currently I have a CMIS setup with Alfresco and OpenCMIS but I would like to make a POC based on Oracle UCM & WebCenter. Do you know if there is some good documentation of WebCenter on this topic available?


    • Hi Gert,

      I’m sending you a separate email, putting you in touch with our content integration/content management product managers.


      • Peter,
        How difficult is this integration, because we are going to make the same integration the next year. Even though, we are new in webcenter, we have experience with Alfresco but we are not sure how hard is to make the integration between both products, thank you for your comments.

  7. Peter,
    I am building a cutom webcenter application portal. When I create my domain is WLS_PORTLET all I need. Or do I need WLS_SPACES also even if I am not using spaces. The documentation for creating a custon managed server lists a set of libraries that are deployed to the domain that must be added to the custom domain. If I do not configure the domain for spaces, a lot of those documented libraries are not deployed.

    • Jerry,

      For building (literally building) a custom WebCenter portal, you don’t need any of this, all you need is JDeveloper and the WebCenter Extension.
      You’ll need to install the Application Server when you’re ready to roll out your portal, and deploy it.


  8. Dear Peter

    I am installing WebCenter in these days, but it is not easy for me. I have some question for the installation. I want to make distribution system. There are a server for DB, a server for Weblogic & SOA, a server for UCM, and a server for WebCenter. Is it available? If possible, please recommend for me how to install with the installation roadmap in detail and let me know the requirement for software & hardware.

  9. Sungwon,

    Your install steps will depend to a great extent on what you want to achieve, what you want to install. I’d recommend reviewing the installation related documentation of the Fusion Middleware: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E17904_01/ipu.htm.
    If you have any follow-up questions feel free to contact me.

    • Thanks for you answer.

      I want to practice all hands-on of what we did on your class in Korea on last month. So, I want to know what I need for the hands-on. Please let me know what I should install and what requirment of hardware I prepare for the practice.

  10. Hi Peter, Sorry to post this via this page but I have a question related to using IE6 as a client and wasn’t sure how to contact you.

    Basically I have to cater for the fact the my client is unlikely to move from IE6 without MS pulling the carpet out from under them but we want to use WebCenter as the Portal component of the system. Would it be possible to build content in straight trinidad JSF within JDeveloper and still use the WebCenter framework to display Portlets in the page?

  11. Hi Peter,

    I am from India and currently working for the company Polaris Software in South India. I have lot of confusion on webcenter, portal development. Our requirement is to convert the existing normal JSF application into an oracle weblogic portal application using webcenter. And this converted application should be used by another pure portal application to retrieve and show the data using IPC. Since we don’t have much time to do R&D, I am totally confused about using oracle products and now my manager are chasing me to finish it as early as possible.

    I searched on net, read various blogs, suggestions but nothing is working out.

    So my requirement is:

    1. Create one webcenter consuming application to show pure portal application and JSF converted application communicating with each other using IPC.

    2. Just as a curiosity I would like to know the flow of portal application and IPC. I tried to go through the sample program flow for IPC created by JDeveloper 11g but everything went above head.

    Please help

  12. Hi Peter!

    We are currently building a web site based on web center for a customer and they have expressed seriuos concerns for all the addition state variables lite _adfWindowState and so. Must they be there?

    And how do these parameters influence the google indexing of the site?


  13. Very specific question I have. In WebCenter Spaces PS2, there used to be “insert link” buttons in WYSIWYG editor in Text Portlet. However, I just noticed that “insert link” button is no longer there in PS3. Not just that, “text indent” and “alignment” buttons are also disappeared. Were those intentionally taken out or is this just a bug in WYSIWYG writer?

  14. Hi Peter,

    We are starting to look at Oracle Webcenter and Sharepoint and I have been charged with gathering information for creating a document management site within the Oracle Web Center. The primary use being for of scanning invoice documents and others into a document management system for the purpose of storing and retrieving this information electronically

    As we get more comfortable, we will be using the other features of this product.

    I am a complete beginner and I would really appreciate if you could point me in the right direction to gather valuable information for installation and implementation tips and tricks.

    Thanks a lot for your help.


  15. HI Peter

    I am using WebCenter 11g for integration with an Third Party Content Management System,Could you please let me know what should be my strategy

    Should I use WebCClipping Portlet or WebCenter Spaces,I am rather new to WebCenter


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