WebLogic Portal: WSRP Interoperability with the WebCenter Framework Using the JSF Portlet Bridge

Federated Portals Guide – WSRP Interoperability with the WebCenter Framework: This is a very useful part of the WLP documentation discussing the steps you need to take to consume WSRP 2.0 portlets, including the WebCenter Social Computing Services exposed as portlets.

Topics covered:

New White Paper: Exposing WebCenter Services Task Flows as WSRP Portlets and Ensemble Pagelets

We have a new technical white paper published on OTN, written by one of our senior developers, Ken Young, that covers what it takes to expose the WebCenter Social Computing Services (discussions, email documents, etc.) through WSRP 2.0 for consumption in third party portal products. The white paper, titled Exposing WebCenter Services Task Flows as WSRP Portlets and Ensemble Pagelets comes with a sample project that makes it easy for you to follow the steps.

The screenshot below shows consuming the mail and document library task flows in Oracle Portal.

Oracle Portal, WebLogic Portal, WebCenter Interaction (ALUI) customers – this white paper is for you all!


WebLogic Portal 10.3 Patchset Supporting Interoperability with WebCenter 11g

We just released a new Patch Set Update for WebLogic Portal 10.3 which enables interoperability with WebCenter 11g via WSRP 2.0. This patch set allows you to consume the WebCenter Social Computing Services (aka: WebCenter Web 2.0 Services) components and task flows in WebLogic Portal, by leveraging the Oracle JSF Portlet Bridge (JSR 301). Also, you can build new capabilities with Oracle ADF and WebCenter and surface them in WebLogic Portal.

This patch is the technical enabler required for interoperability, and it provides variety of product fixes as well. For important information, please see these sections of the Release Notes.

Our plan is that future WebLogic Portal 10.3 patches will be issued on top of Patch Set Update, so it’s critical that customers install this patch.

Oracle Portal Product Strategy & Roadmap Web Casts

We have a series of web casts in November discussing our overall portal strategy and roadmap going forward. The webcasts will address feature updates, integrations, and certifications – as well as other news relevant to WebLogic Portal, WebCenter Interaction, and Oracle Portal customers.

Oracle Portal Products Strategy & Roadmap Update: WebLogic Portal
November 13, 2008
10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET

Oracle Portal Products Strategy & Roadmap Update: WebCenter Interaction (formerly AquaLogic User Interaction)
November 19, 2008
10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET

Oracle Portal Products Strategy & Roadmap Update: Oracle Portal
November 20, 2008
10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET

Go to the announcement on oracle.com to register for these web casts.

Oracle Combined with BEA Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

Here you can take a look at Gartner’s 2008 analysis of the horizontal portal market space. The combined Oracle-BEA solutions are in the leader’s quadrant.

Here are Oracle’s strength called out by Gartner:

  • Oracle plans to incorporate much of BEA’s most-interesting technology into its strategic portal and user interaction platform offerings, including functionality found in the former BEA Ensemble, Pathways and Analytics offerings, as well as the .NET Accelerator. Although none of these will be available as individual products, the incorporation of this functionality into WebCenter Services and WebCenter Suite will interest prospects looking for mashup functionality; portal analytics capability; social-computing features, such as social networking; and simplified integration of .NET applications with Java-based portals.
  • By continuing to offer the WebLogic Portal products, Oracle gains a credible, proven offering for high-volume, large-scale, customer-facing portals.
  • Oracle can provide users with portal and enterprise content management (ECM) capabilities (Universal Content Management), although the integration available with Universal Content Management depends on which of Oracle’s portal offerings is also leveraged.
  • Oracle is an aggressive adopter of portlet-related standards and is an early adopter of JSR 286 (Portlet 2.0) and WSRPv2.
For Gartner’s cautions and their thoughts on other vendors, visit http://gartner.com.

WebLogic Portal 10.3 Available for Download

The first version of WebLogic Portal since the Oracle-BEA merger has been released. WLP 10.3 is basically a re-branded version of WebLogic Portal 10.2.

For more information visit the WebLogic Portal page on OTN.