Fusion Order Demo with Social Computing Capabilities

A new version of the not too long ago published ADF and SOA Fusion Order Demo is available for download, featuring many WebCenter capabilities.


The Fusion Order Demo for WebCenter incorporates the following WebCenter services:

  • Document Library
  • Discussions
  • Announcements
  • Links (integrated with the Document Library)
  • Custom Links
  • Tags (integrated with the Document Library)
  • Custom Tags
  • Search (Documents, Discussions, Announcements, Tags)
  • Oracle Composer
    • Runtime page editing
    • Multiple resource catalogs (aka: business dictionaries)
    • Resource catalog filters
    • Composer extensions
    • Skinning of customizable components

The demo also showcases the usage of several public WebCenter APIs, including Composer and Oracle Discussion APIs.

Accessing UCM through WebDAV

The other day it took me almost an hour to figure out what the UCM (fka: Stellent) WebDav URL is and how to access it from XP. Frustrating… Here it is for everybody’s benefit, including myself – for future reference.

The other thing I keep forgetting is how to define a WebDav connection under XP. Instead of simply selecting Tools > Map Network Drive in Windows Explorer (which doesn’t work for WebDav), follow these steps:

  • Navigate to My Network Places
  • Click the Folder icon in the Windows Explorer toolbar
  • Click the Add a network place link on the left
  • Provide the WebDav URL and your credentials.