Two-day WebCenter Training

Be among the first ones who attend the brand new 2-day WebCenter Training, titled: Oracle WebCenter 11g: Introduction to Custom Applications. This is a so-called Live Virtual Class (LVC), that is: you have a live instructor teaching the class, but there’s no travel required; you can attend the class remotely. Here you can enroll.

About the class

This course introduces you to Oracle WebCenter’s components and teaches you how to add these components to any application to create content-rich, collaborative, customizable applications. In this course you start with an ADF application, then enhance it with features from WebCenter Framework, Composer, and Services. Using Oracle JDeveloper with the embedded WebCenter Framework extension, you learn how to add portlets, documents, discussion forums, tags, links, and search to the existing application. You also learn how to enable users to compose and edit WebCenter application pages at run time. Solving the practices results in a small, concise, feature-rich WebCenter application.

Learn to:

  • Use predefined WebCenter task flows to add documents, discussions, tags, links and searching to custom application
  • Wire traditional ADF components, WebCenter task flows and portlets to display correlated information
  • Use the JCR data control to access documents stored in a content repository
  • Build and manage customizable and personalizable application pages
  • Consume standard-based portlets in a WebCenter application
  • Describe the main functionality of WebCenter Spaces

LVC is a fairly new training format for Oracle University, here is a brief overview of it:

Oracle University’s Live Virtual Class is comparable to our traditional in – class training without the need for expensive travel. With the latest in collaborative technology, top instructors, cutting-edge curriculum, and hands-on labs, we offer an exciting combination of traditional content and interactive learning.
live virtual class
  • Same expert instructors as our classroom training
  • Same content – enhanced for online delivery
  • Save time and money by avoiding expensive travel
  • Efficient training for coworkers across multiple locations
  • Classes available both day and night
  • Train at home, office, or anywhere you have an Internet connection
  • Lab access for full duration of class
  • 100% Student Satisfaction Program

Full Day Class on Oracle WebCenter at Collaborate 09

Eric MarcouxEric Marcoux, the chief architect for Laval University will give a one day class on Oracle WebCenter at Collaborate 09 in May, in Orlando, FL.

Eric is soliciting comments and suggestions for his outline. If you’re attending Collaborate 09, be sure to find Eric; he is always nice to talk to.