Creating a Managed Server for Portlets and WebCenter Custom Portal Apps

When you install WebCenter Spaces, in addition to the admin server, you end up with three WebLogic managed servers:

  • WLS_Spaces: hosts WebCenter Spaces
  • WLS_Portlet: hosts standards-based and PDK-Java portlets
  • WLS_Services: hosts the WebCenter social computing services

One of beauties of the flexible architecture of the Fusion Middleware is that you can easily decouple any of the components, and manage/scale them out as you need. So, what if you wanted to create a dedicated managed server for your portlets or for your custom WebCenter portal applications?

To create your new managed server, you have three tools to choose from. Create your new managed server using:

  • Jython script: fully scriptable. This option comes with a sample managed server creation script, available for download from OTN, see under WebCenter Administration Sample. The download contains three scripts, a text file with instructions, a properties file with information about the target server, and the Jython script itself. This properties file allows you to specify administration-specific settings for  your new managed server, including the URL used to manage the server, admin user name and password, as well as the purpose you want to create your managed server for:
    • serverType=WebCenter: to host WebCenter custom portal applications
    • serverType=Portlet: to host portlets
  • WLS Admin Console: browser-based. After creating the managed server, you have to manually configure the shared libraries.
  • FMW Control: browser based. After creating the managed server, you have to manually configure the shared libraries.

The Administrator’s Guide for Oracle WebCenter covers these steps in detail under Creating and Provisioning a WebLogic Managed Server Instance section.

Packed WebCenter Hands-On Session

Quick update: the first WebCenter Hands-On session that I mentioned earlier this week was full today. We have 2 more sessions on Tuesday, if you missed it on Sunday.

Tuesday, September 23, 11:30am-12:30pm, Marriott, Golden Gate C1
Tuesday, September 23, 5:30pm-6:30pm, Marriott, Golden Gate C1

Hope to see you there!