Oracle OpenWorld Presentations Available Online

If you missed any of the OpenWorld presentations or simply want to take another look at them, you can do so now: all our presentations are available for download in PDF.


Fusion Middleware Keynote by Thomas Kurian

In today’s keynote Thomas gave a detailed overview about Oracle’s middleware stack. From the Enterprise 2.0 space he highlighted the integration between WebCenter, Universal Content Management, and Beehive.

If you missed the session, you can access the recorded presentation from the OpenWorld Keynote page on OTN.

WebCenter Demo Pod – Rock OnLine

One of the demo applications we show at the WebCenter demo pod at this year’s OpenWorld is a Web 2.0 rock band site. It features reviews, album information, tagging, search, runtime editing of pages, etc.

Come to demo pod A15 and see how it was built.

ADF Methodology – Unconference Session

Unconference sessions provide yet another great way to hear/learn from experts, as well as to contribute to share your experience. Here is the list of unconference sessions at this year’s OpenWorld.

The keeps changing and growing, but from today’s snapshot the ADF Methodology and the Enterprise 2.0 ones sound really interesting.

When and Where?

Moscone West 3rd Floor:
Monday, Sep 22, Overlook I: Overlook I: Enterprise 2.0: What is is, and how you’ll fail. (by Brian “Bex” Huff)
Wednesday, Sep 24, Overlook I: ADF Methodology Workgroup (Lead: Chris Muir)

Build the Coolest WebCenter Application Ever – in 60 Minutes

Before Oracle OpenWorld 2008 kicks off in a week’s time in San Francisco, I plan to post a couple of highlights from the WebCenter space. This is the first one in the series.

At a conference of this size, one of the toughest challenges is how to best spend your time, what is really worth attending. My number 1 pick is hands down the WebCenter hands-on session. You get a chance to see and touch the product, experience it first hand, and last but not least get a chance to talk to people who build it: you can meet the WebCenter curriculum team.

When and Where?

Sunday, September 21, 2:30pm-3:30pm, Marriott, Golden Gate C1
Tuesday, September 23, 11:30am-12:30pm, Marriott, Golden Gate C1
Tuesday, September 23, 5:30pm-6:30pm, Marriott, Golden Gate C1

So – what is this year’s hands-on all about? It’s a brand new application built especially for the OOW WebCenter hands-on session that has one key objective: to impress you in less than an hour. The scenario is very original, quote from the hands-on document:

El Piju – Company Profile: Natural building is all about achieving sustainability through the use of minimally-processed, plentiful, and renewable resources as well as recycled or salvaged materials that produce healthy living environments. El Piju is your company for environmentally sensitive design and expert guidance on locating the resources you need to construct your sustainable home for the 21st century. What is your vision for your home or office? Let our team of ecologists, architects, and engineers help you make that vision a reality.
The El Piju application provides you with information about the company’s use of natural building materials and related projects. Once authenticated, you can select any of the construction materials used by El Piju, specifically, adobe, cob, cordwood, rammed earth, or straw bale, and access information about it. Search for articles, photographs, and other resources for that natural building material. Do you have a technical question or simply want to read what others have to say? El Piju’s site includes a discussion forum for each construction type. The application also includes a portlet that displays pictures with captions to provide visual examples of each building material. Browse through the pictures in the portlet by clicking the thumbnails.

How cool is this!

From a technical perspective, here are the topics covered in the hands-on session:

  • Documents
  • Discussions
  • Tags
  • Links
  • Search
  • Oracle Composer
  • Portlets
  • Inter-component communication

And last, but not least, the screen shot of the application.

And if you’re looking for a special mission, try to find out the story behind the company’s name.

Dedicated Blog for OpenWorld Visitors

If you’re coming to San Francisco to attend Oracle OpenWorld in a couple of weeks, the blog you definitely want to check out is the official blog of all things Oracle OpenWorld. It’s an excellent collection of very useful information from technical bloggers to exploring and tablehopping in San Francisco.

Portal Related Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2008 in San Francisco

I created a simple Google Calendar containing the sessions from this year’s Oracle OpenWorld that are related to the Portal, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 technology space. You can use your own RSS reader, iCal, or simply the native HTML calendar of google.

Use the Content Catalog to find other sessions that are of interest to you.

Sunday, September 21
11:45am S299324: Sanjay: Transform Your Siebel Data with Web 2.0: Use Oracle WebCenter to Create a True Next-Generation Interface
11:45am S299504: Jim, Maiko, Brian: Build the Next Generation of Composite Applications with Oracle WebCenter, SOA, and Enterprise 2.0
2:30pm S299712: Hands-on Lab: Oracle WebCenter Suite–Enterprise 2.0 at Your Fingertips
2:30pm S300200: Eric: Oracle Fusion Middleware: A Set of Tools for Your Enterprise
4:00pm S301162: Eric: Building Very Rich Portals with Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g
Monday, September 22
11:30am S299317: Rahul: Oracle WebCenter and Beyond: Oracle’s Vision, Strategy, and Road Map for User Interaction
11:30am S301790: Eric: Oracle Portal Products (Oracle Portal, Oracle WebCenter Suite, and Products from Stellent and BEA): Which One Should You Use?
1:00pm S298738: Lynn, Jennifer: The Oracle Fusion Development Platform
2:30pm S299492: George, Christina: A Web 2.0 Developer’s Dream Realized: Ultimate Component Reusability
4:00pm S298501: Josh: Guide to the Oracle Portal Road Map for Oracle WebLogic Portal Customers
5:30pm S298423: Terry Olkin: Introducing Oracle Beehive
5:30pm S298498: Ajay: Road Map and Future Directions for BEA AquaLogic User Interaction Customers
Tuesday, September 23
9:00am S298499: Skip, Peter Laird: Deploying a Web-Oriented Architecture with Oracle WebCenter, Oracle WebLogic Portal, and Oracle WebCenter Interaction
11:30am S298497: Bob Fraser: No REST for the Weary: REST APIs and the Activity Stream
11:30am S299712: Hands-on Lab: Oracle WebCenter Suite–Enterprise 2.0 at Your Fingertips
1:00pm S298495: The Art of the Mash: Oracle Ensemble and New Integration Patterns
5:30pm S299712: Hands-on Lab: Oracle WebCenter Suite–Enterprise 2.0 at Your Fingertips
Wednesday, September 24
9:00am ADF methodology unconference
9:00am S299480: George, Maiko: Build Composite Applications Your End Users Will Actually Use
11:30am S299325: Manish: Web 2.0 in the Enterprise: Balancing Participation and Security
1:00pm S297844: Vince, Billy Cripe: Reshaping Your Business with Web 2.0
1:00pm S298495: Tom Quigley: The Art of the Mash: Oracle Ensemble and New Integration Patterns
1:00pm S299323: Manish: Oracle Applications Unlimited and Web 2.0: You Can Have It Now
1:00pm S300017: Eric: Building Very Rich Portals with Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g (IOUG)
5:00pm S299506: Revathy, Kundan: Oracle Composer Puts Your Users in the Driver’s Seat with Multilayered Customizations
Thursday, September 25
9:00am S299489: Christian: Build an Enterprise 2.0 Social Network with Oracle WebCenter
9:00am S299563: Rashmi: Integrating Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus with Your Applications
9:00am S300478: Duncan, Sten Vesterli: Choose Your Weapon: An Overview of Oracle Development Tools
10:30am S298639: Ann Fellman: Enterprise 2.0: Best Practices for Winning Management Acceptance and Driving User Adoption
12:00pm S299510: Skip: Increase Business Agility: Give Your Users the Web 2.0 Services They Need Now
1:30pm S298403: Padmaprabodh Ambale: Opening Up Oracle Application Framework Applications Through Web Services and Portlets
1:30pm S298496: Steve Hamrick: Do-It-Yourself IT: Oracle WebCenter Powers the User-Driven Workplace
1:30pm S298500: Marcus: Oracle Weblogic Portal: Using the WSRP Standard to Interoperate and Federate Content and User Interfaces
3:00pm S298502: Eddie: Give Users What They Want: Web-Based Data Access and Rich Internet Applications