ADF and WebCenter Mashup: Publishing Google Gadgets with Ensemble

igoogleWith Tom Quigley we just published a new demo showcasing what it takes to publish ADF or WebCenter applications as Google Gadgets. The demo walks you through the simple steps of building an ADF application, exposing it as a Google Gadget with Ensemble, and consuming the gadget in iGoogle.

Ensemble 10.3 Released – Overview Demo

Tom Quigley just published an excellent viewlet on the brand new Ensemble 10.3. His demo highlights how straight forward it is to inject content into any web application.

Here is a brief summary of Ensemble:

Ensemble is a reverse proxy through which end users view Web applications. For example, a customer might control access to and collect analytics on their wiki by proxying it through Ensemble. They might also use Ensemble to inject existing portlets or widgets into new Web applications.

When injecting content into new applications, Ensemble users can choose between JavaScript Injection, which is widely useable but requires changes to the application source code, or Web Injection, which allows source code to remain untouched. Web Injection can also be used to tweak styles, fix JavaScript collisions, and more.


Download WebCenter Suite and Services

If you ever wondered what is contained by WebCenter Suite 10g and WebCenter Services 10g, and more importantly where you can download the components from, you’re not alone. Here are the links pointing to the family members:

Oracle WebCenter Suite 10g Release 3 Downloads

  • Oracle WebCenter Services –Note: See below.
  • Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (10.1.8.x) [from WebCenter Downloads]
  • Oracle Communication and Mobility Server 10g [from WebCenter Downloads]–Note: New name is Oracle Presence.
  • Oracle BPEL Process Manager [from BPEL PM Downloads page]
  • Oracle WebCenter Interaction 6.5 [from BEA Downloads]
  • Oracle WebCenter Collaboration 4.5 [from BEA Downloads]
  • Oracle WebCenter Application Accelerator for .NET 1.1 [from BEA Downloads]
  • Oracle WSRP Consumer 1.1 [from BEA Downloads]
  • Oracle WebCenter Console for Microsoft SharePoint 1.1 MP1 [from BEA Downloads]
  • Oracle WebCenter Content Service for Windows Files 6.1 [from BEA Downloads]
  • Oracle WebCenter Content Service for Lotus Notes 6.1 [from BEA Downloads]
  • Oracle WebCenter Content Service for Microsoft Exchange 5.2 [from BEA Downloads]
  • AquaLogic Interaction Content Service – Documentum [from E-Delivery] —Note: New name is Oracle WebCenter Content Service – Documentum 5.5 MP1.
  • AquaLogic Interaction Identity Service – Active Directory 6.3 [from E-Delivery] —Note: New name is Oracle WebCenter Identity Service – Active Directory 6.3.
  • AquaLogic Interaction Identity Service – LDAP 2.2 MP2 [from E-Delivery] –Note: New name is Oracle WebCenter Identity Service – LDAP 2.2 MP2.

Oracle WebCenter Services 10g Release 3 Downloads

Quite a list, isn’t it?