The Oracle WebCenter 11g Handbook: Build Rich, Customizable Enterprise 2.0 Applications is now available in online stores and possibly in your nearest book store too.

If you are evaluating the WebCenter Framework, Social Computing Services, or are simply curious what WebCenter is all about – flipping through the book is a pretty time and cost effective way of getting the big picture. If you are using WebCenter, there are a lot of samples that walk you through the capabilities.

Here is some extra information that may help you decide if this is the right book for you. The high level table of contents is at the bottom of the post, and here is the detailed TOC. This is a podcast (mp3), published by McGraw Hill about the book. And here is a sample chapter from a snap shot taken shortly before the book went to print, so it’s very close to the actual one in the book: Chapter 11 – Runtime Customization.

Last, but not least, if you’re an e-book reader person, you can buy it for the kindle as well.

Table of contents

Part I: Introduction to Oracle WebCenter and the Application Development Framework
Chapter 1. Business Application Development: The Journey to WebCenter
Chapter 2. The WebCenter Development Environment
Chapter 3. Oracle Application Development Framework
Part II: Building WebCenter Applications
Chapter 4. Building Your First WebCenter Page
Chapter 5. Consuming and Building Portlets
Chapter 6. Inter-component Communication
Chapter 7. Integrating Content Systems
Chapter 8. Overview of WebCenter Web 2.0 Services
Chapter 9. Social Web 2.0 Services–New Concepts in the Application Landscape
Chapter 10. Setting Up Your Development Environment for Success
Part III: Tailoring Your Applications
Chapter 11. Run-Time Customization
Chapter 12. Resource Catalog
Chapter 13. Skinning Your WebCenter Applications
Chapter 14. Metadata Services Framework
Chapter 15. Extending Oracle Composer
Chapter 16. MDS Under the Hood of WebCenter
Part IV: Administering Your Applications
Chapter 17. Installing and Managing WebCenter
Chapter 18. Security
Chapter 19. Deployment
Part V: Oracle Applications Integration
Chapter 20. Extending Oracle Applications with WebCenter
Chapter 21. Looking to the Future with WebCenter and Fusion Applications


11 Responses

  1. […] whats next for me and Webcenter.. Well, I have been fortunate to be given a copy of  Webcenter 11g Handbook – so its been used for weekend and bed time reading; there’s alot of good guides in it. A […]

  2. We have been trying to configure WCS 11g with MS Exchange 2007 and have had quite a bit of trouble. The section in the handbook is not very clear on how to set this up. Can you provide a reference to another source that would have step-by-step instructions on how to configure this? We have had Oracle’s local Reston, VA engineers in for the better part of a day and they could not figure it out either.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Mark – I’m working with some of your Oracle contacts on the issue. Given that within Oracle we use our own Email server, locating a MS Exchange server takes some time. We will get back to you shortly.

  3. Hi Peter,

    Do you have any examples/Tutorials on “Using OmniPortlets” in your book or any of your website?

    Your website is very useful. Thanks for putting together good info on WebCenter 11g .


  4. Hi Peter, how are you?

    I want to take the Oracle WebCenter 11g Essentials Exam (1Z0-541).

    My doubt is if this book’ll helps me with this exam. If it is not there are any other book specific to take this exam?

    Thanks a lot

    Daniel Camargo

    • Daniel,

      More than 50% of the topics of the exam are covered by the book.
      The exam is based on the WebCenter 11g Patch Set 2 release of WebCenter. The Oracle WebCenter 11g Handbook was published earlier, so some topics are not covered. Also, the Handbook focuses on the WebCenter Framework and Services, and less on Spaces.

      Hope this helps,

      • Hi Peter.
        Could you provide information about this exam?
        The current WebСenter release is WebCenter 11g Patch Set 3. Are the exam questions upgraded to WebCenter 11g Patch Set 3? Are the questions universal for both versions?


      • Hi, Peter
        I had a mistake, the current WebСenter release is WebCenter 11g Patch Set 4 (

  5. Hi Peter, I have a question about version of rcu that i should use according to the book because I try to follow the tips into the book. I hope you can help me in this post or by e-mail!!!

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