Oracle JDeveloper and ADF 11g Have Arrived

The very first production pieces of the 11g Fusion Middleware stack are available for download. Now you can start building your very rich Ajax applications with the technology of your choice, including JSF, EJB 3.0, ADF, and Spring, all of which is running on the WebLogic Application Server. Here is the very impressive list of 11g new features.

Important note: This release does not contain any of the SOA and WebCenter capabilities, those are currently scheduled to be released in the first half of 2009.

If you’re a WebCenter customer, or are interested in adding WebCenter capabilities, such as portlets, content integration, runtime customization, threaded discussions, wikis, blogs, tags, links, etc. to your applications, you have two options to choose from:

  1. Start building your application using the 10.1.3.x release of JDeveloper, ADF, and Oracle Webcenter. This is nothing new, this option has been around ever since WebCenter was released.
    Pros: You can consume content and portlets in applications today.
    Cons: You don’t have the richness of the 11g ADF-Faces components. Also, you’ll have to go through a migration process to get your applications from 10.1.3.x to 11.
  2. Use the newly released JDeveloper and ADF 11g to build the model and the ADF view layers of your application, and inject the WebCenter and SOA parts when they become available.
    Pros: You can use the full power of the new ADF-Faces components, and the greatly improved JDeveloper right away, deployed to WebLogic Server.
    Cons: No SOA or WebCenter functionality available yet.

In addition to weighing the importance of the capabilities mentioned above, you’ll also have to take your time lines (development, test/stage, production) into account.

Download WebCenter Suite and Services

If you ever wondered what is contained by WebCenter Suite 10g and WebCenter Services 10g, and more importantly where you can download the components from, you’re not alone. Here are the links pointing to the family members:

Oracle WebCenter Suite 10g Release 3 Downloads

  • Oracle WebCenter Services –Note: See below.
  • Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (10.1.8.x) [from WebCenter Downloads]
  • Oracle Communication and Mobility Server 10g [from WebCenter Downloads]–Note: New name is Oracle Presence.
  • Oracle BPEL Process Manager [from BPEL PM Downloads page]
  • Oracle WebCenter Interaction 6.5 [from BEA Downloads]
  • Oracle WebCenter Collaboration 4.5 [from BEA Downloads]
  • Oracle WebCenter Application Accelerator for .NET 1.1 [from BEA Downloads]
  • Oracle WSRP Consumer 1.1 [from BEA Downloads]
  • Oracle WebCenter Console for Microsoft SharePoint 1.1 MP1 [from BEA Downloads]
  • Oracle WebCenter Content Service for Windows Files 6.1 [from BEA Downloads]
  • Oracle WebCenter Content Service for Lotus Notes 6.1 [from BEA Downloads]
  • Oracle WebCenter Content Service for Microsoft Exchange 5.2 [from BEA Downloads]
  • AquaLogic Interaction Content Service – Documentum [from E-Delivery] —Note: New name is Oracle WebCenter Content Service – Documentum 5.5 MP1.
  • AquaLogic Interaction Identity Service – Active Directory 6.3 [from E-Delivery] —Note: New name is Oracle WebCenter Identity Service – Active Directory 6.3.
  • AquaLogic Interaction Identity Service – LDAP 2.2 MP2 [from E-Delivery] –Note: New name is Oracle WebCenter Identity Service – LDAP 2.2 MP2.

Oracle WebCenter Services 10g Release 3 Downloads

Quite a list, isn’t it?