New Sample for Download: Polling

Martin Deh from the Oracle Fusion Middleware “A-Team” published ( OTN account needed) a very compelling Polling sample.

The sample contains two task flows: a “client” (poll taker) and an “admin” console.  Currently the task flows implement the following features:

  1. Ability to define and modify Poll Questions and Poll Choices
  2. Ability to provide a fixed number of responses (no less than 1 and no more than 10)
  3. Ability to select multiple responses or single response behavior
  4. Poll can only be taken by each user one time (multiple submissions is not in scope)
  5. Ability to select time range for when the poll would be active
  6. Ability for the administrator to decide to display a chart of results after user submits poll
  7. Ability for admin to choose Pie Chart or Bar Chart

The above sample provides a great starting point to implement custom polling functionality.

Note: Including polling functionality in future releases of Oracle WebCenter is on the road map.

Poll Question

Poll Question

Polling Results

Polling Results

Poll Administration

Poll About Future Topics

Haven’t tried polling before, so I thought we could do a quick survey what topics you’d be most interested in. It would be good to see suggestions in the “Others” section as well.

Looking forward to seeing your input!