Accenture E20 Powered by Oracle WebCenter

Accenture created a youtube video, titled: Accenture and the Next Generation Workplace. In this short infomercial Royce Bell, CEO of Accenture Information Management Services describes how companies can benefit from deploying Enterprise 2.0 concepts.
It has definitely been a game changer for us at Oracle, using E20 in our day-to-day activities.

Free Webcasts for Developers on OTN

A nice collection of podcasts has been posted on OTN under the OTN Developer Webcast Series, two of which cover WebCenter-related topics: Oracle WebCenter Spaces: Enterprise 2.0 in Action (View Online | Download), presented by Christian Hauser, and Introduction to the Oracle WebCenter Framework and Services (View Online | Download), recorded by myself.

Here is the list of all the topics covered:

  • Oracle WebCenter Spaces: Enterprise 2.0 in Action: Christian Hauser, Principal Product Manager – Oracle Enterprise 2.0 & Portal Products
    Bring Web 2.0 into your enterprise with Oracle WebCenter Spaces, a pre-built and customizable application that brings together the latest technology around social computing, communities, personal productivity, and ad-hoc team interactions to enable users from multiple geographies to work more effectively by eliminating or reducing duplication of efforts and content inconsistencies, sharing valuable team resources to solve business problems and tapping into new ideas.
  • Introduction to the WebCenter Framework and Services: Peter Moskovits, Senior Principal Product Manager- Oracle Enterprise 2.0 & Portal Products
    Discover how to break the boundaries between web-based portals and enterprise applications with Oracle WebCenter Framework, a development framework that allows you to add the different components to the portal or application when necessary thereby improving the overall application delivery and maintenance.
  • Oracle Security Solutions: Amitpal Dhillon, Senior Sales Consultant, Identity Management & Security Specialist
    Gain insight on how to simplify application development and focus on solving business problems with Oracle’s security solutions which provide developers with a standards-based, portable, enterprise-grade security platform across Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware platform
  • High Performance Computing: Arthur Tyde, Senior Manager – High Performance Computing
    Understand how you can leverage on Oracle’s portfolio of High Performance Computing solutions to create a secure, scalable and high-performing environment with centralized enterprise management framework, intelligent storage strategy, data synchronization and high transaction throughput.
  • Manageability for Developers and DBAs: Shahid Nizami, Senior Manager – Enterprise Management Solutions
    Deliver enhanced manageability and automation across both your Oracle and non-Oracle technologies while simultaneously controlling the cost of managing the systems and applications in your organization with Oracle’s application management solutions. Learn how you can thoroughly test your applications before deployment, proactively monitor end-user performance, and quickly trace the cause of the performance problems.
  • New Oracle Features for .NET Developers: Alex Keh & Christian Shay, Principal Product Managers – .Net Technologies
    Simplify your .Net development and improve your application performance with the latest Oracle database features which includes the ability to tune your application within Visual Studio (Oracle Performance Analyzer & SQL Tuning Advisor); create, modify and administer your queues and queue tables (Advanced Queuing); and promote local transactions to distributed during run time (Promotable Transactions).
  • Building a BI Application with Oracle Business Intelligence: James Nguyen, Sales Consultant – Business Intelligence
    Learn how to build your own business intelligence application with Oracle Business Intelligence from our step-by-step demonstration as we walk through how to build a business intelligence repository, add a measure and calculations and create the reports and dashboards.